When Your Child Is Emotional

What do you do when your child is overly emotional? Is there a right way to handle it?  I’m sure we have all experienced the child who just won’t stop crying. It’s like sometimes they don’t even know why they are crying but they just keep on crying anyway. Often nothing can stop them. So how do we deal with this situation to get the best possible outcome?

Children need to know that adults understand them. It is a smart parent who listens to their child when they are genuinely upset.  If you let the child know that you understand how badly they wanted that toy, or how upset they are because Tommy pinched them, you will go a long way towards solving the problem.  More often than not, kids just need someone to acknowledge their feelings, even if only their perception of reality. To them, it is real, therefore it is real.

Empathy can be a real key to help when your child becomes emotional and irrational. They don’t have the skills to help themselves out of this state at a young age so the best thing we can do is to listen to them and empathise with them. Even if we don’t agree. That doesn’t matter. Sometimes kids just need a listening ear and we need to be that listening ear for them when they are upset.