As a single father raising 3 boys and a leader in the Personal Development industry for kids, I am now a better parent for reading this fantastic material. Kim has separated herself from the pack with her unique easy to follow style in writing what I believe to be a masterpiece for modern day parenting. Her passion and heart jumps out at you on every page leaving you with a desire to implement these timeless principles.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to raising a well adjusted child and taking that worry off your shoulders, then put your feet up, take a break and read this ebook. This could be the best investment you have made all year towards your child’s happiness and wellbeing.

Bret Thomson

Co-Founder of Kidz Rock, Gold Coast, Queensland

Yesterday night I have read lesson three of your book. Once again thanks for your book. I was really surprise that you have mention small small things that really help me a lot. Thank you very much”.

Andhra Pradesh,

Hyderbad, India

“I am stunned. I read the book, and I absolutely love it. It is an excellent quality book. I shared this book with my sister and she was just as impressed.
While reading this book I thought how true all these things are and how often I forget some of them. In a way it opened my eyes and taught me how to become a better parent.
Thank you SO much for this great book.”

Dragan Draganov
Sofia, Bulgaria

“How I wish this little book had been around when my children were little! I would love to have put these strategies into practice then. As a Grandmother now though, I have found a wealth of sensible and simple hints that I will be able to use when my grandchildren visit.”

Alison Moore,
Lisbon, Portugal

“I would have to say that having read dozens of books & attended seminars on the subject of mastering our thinking, raising kids, relationships, self esteem ….etc over the past 25yrs, you have a great distillation of the wisdom of these books & courses in an easy to access format that would appeal to any parent.

I am happy to recommend your book to parents, no matter the age of their children or where they are at in their journey through parenthood.”

Ian Maclean (Father of 3, Author, Speaker & student of life)

“When I read the part on ‘reinforcing good behaviour’ I realised that I had slipped out of some of my good parenting habits. Now that I have changed the way I deal with my child, she bends over backwards to help me.  Your book is a valuable resource, one that I’ll not only read several times, but that I’ll keep handy as a reference book for when I feel myself slipping up again.”

Arcadia Love,

Maleny, Qld

“I wanted to tell you that your book has been a blessing and I  only have read the first chapter so far. As I read your book I cried during the whole chapter, cause finally I understand that there is a difference. I need to show discipline and have boundaries but I don’t have to be mean. Just this information alone has been a blessing. Thank you I know you have saved my relationship with my daughter who means the world to me.”

Beatriz Torres

Miami, Florida

I absolutely loved this ebook. It was well written and easy to read. All my concerns about buying this book were quickly put to rest. The information was relevant and easy to implement. My child is becoming more independent as a result of my following the strategies in this book. I feel relieved that I have found a good source of information without having to plough through hundreds of books to find concise answers to my questions. The action plans were very helpful in motivating me to change some of the things I was doing, and even some of the things I wasn’t doing. I highly recommend all parents everywhere to buy this book.

Linda Bayley

Sippy Downs, Queensland

This is the pre teens book the market has been missing.

Julie Tolsdorf
Kawana, Queensland

 Yesterday night I have read lesson three of your book. Once again thanks for your book. I was really surprise that you have mention small small things that really help me a lot. Thank you very much.

Thanks and regards, Aruna Despati.

I really enjoyed reading your book, it was packed with really useful tips and felt much more like positive parenting.  I think the kids responded well to it, especially my older son who is seven. Thank you I really enjoyed reading this.

Nishma Shah
Essex, United Kingdom

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