The Strong Willed Child

Strong willed children can be quite a challenge. So here are some tips to help you out:

1. Give your strong willed child lots of physical activity. Often they are extremely intelligent and need that physical outlet.  

2. Set them challenges. They love a challenge;  that’s why they challenge you all the time. So allow them to do things for themselves. Try not to rescue them all the time. They want to try it by themselves so let them. It’s OK to let them tackle something alone, as long as it isn’t a health and safety issue.

3. They want to hear “yes” so do your best to say “yes” way more than you ever say “no”. The more your child hears yes, the better things will go for both you and the child. If they ask to eat dessert, perhaps you could say to them, “yes, sure you can have your dessert. Let’s just eat our dinner first.” Try to make your conversation so that they hear the “yes” part of the sentence. This tends to appease them even if you get your way ultimately. Sneaky but effective.

Doing these things will help soften the blow not only for your strong willed child but for you also.