No. 1 Goal of Parenting

What do you think is the most important job of a parent?  I understand that being a parent is hard work. But we should always have one thing in mind as we interact with our children.

In my mind, without a doubt, the number one goal of being a parent is to make yourself redundant. Eventually. This requires helping your children learn the skills they need to be ready to launch themselves into the adult world as they grow up. After all, who wants to still be dressing their child at age 25?

When we remember the desired end result, our actions will help us to move towards  it. It can be tough to let your child solve their own problems but it is essential to allow them to do just that and often. The child who is able to problem solve by themselves will be better prepared for the world when they grow up.

The opposite is true for the child who isn’t allowed to solve their own problems. They will be missing a skill and find it difficult when they have no choice but to do things for themselves.

Children need to be allowed to make mistakes in order to learn. I find this difficult and I know often I wish I could save my daughter from making the exact mistakes that I made when I was younger. But we actually need to allow them to fail. Just so long as it is not a health or safety issue. Then we should definitely step in to help.

Keep the end result in mind and you will find it easier to empower your child to learn from their mistakes and be ready for the adult world.