Kids And Routines

It’s no secret that kids love routines. It gives them some certainty about what is going to happen next. I get that it’s not always possible to have a consistent routine, especially when you have more than one child to cater for.   I have a method that I use to help my kids cope.   

I always give them plenty of warning about what is going to take place. I believe this is important. Kids are little people with their own agendas. They don’t always want to do what you want them to do when you want them to do it. We can alleviate much stress if we simply provide our child with a warning or reminder that something is about to happen.

I often provide my kids with a 15 minute warning, a 10 minute warning then even a 5 minute reminder. It helps them prepare for the changes that are about to happen. The child then has time to wrap up their game and psych themselves up for the fact that they need to walk away from what they are doing and listen to you, the parent.

If you use this strategy, you should notice that your kids respond better than if they have no warning or reminder that the circumstances are about to change.  I actually enjoy things more when I am given advance warning. I like to know things in advance. So do kids and most will thrive when they have these reminders. Try it and see if it works for you.

Some things work better for some kids than others. This always worked well for mine. But remember life is like a smorgasbord – if you like something and it works for you, enjoy it. If not, just push it to the side of your plate and move on to the next thing. Not all methods suit everyone. Have a great day 🙂