Kids And Arguing – What You Should Do

What should we do when our kids argue? Do you feel like you should always step in and lend a hand or do you allow your kids to sort it out by themselves? What is the right thing to do?


Being a parent is a tough job and there is never only one right answer. However one thing is for sure:  we need to allow our kids to practice working through their own issues with each other. Unless, of course, it becomes a health and safety issue. Then you should step in and help out.

When we step in too quickly, we deprive our kids of learning opportunities. So don’t be afraid of letting them battle it out, within reason. It is good for them to learn to sort it out by themselves.

The child who is always sheltered from problems will be lacking in skills as they grow up. Parents should have in the back of our minds that our number one goal is to prepare our child for the adult world. It is our job to teach them how to survive as an adult and as an adult there will be plenty of problems to solve.

I hope this helps just a little. Rest assured that you can let your kids argue and as they sort it out by themselves, they will develop essential skills for life. You are doing them a favour by letting them argue.  Most times. HA  –  that’s my disclaimer.  Isn’t parenting fun?